Last 21st March at Homerton College (Cambridge, UK), we had an event to raise funds for our project. Among the artists exhibiting their creations were Claudia Stocker, a scientific illustrator coming all the way from Bristol, and Agnes Asselin, an active Drosophila scientist at the University of Cambridge and artist with a passion for African textiles. Their creations were auctioned at the end of the event. We managed to raise £5,400! It was a nice evening, with lots of people attending the event.


DrosAfrica: Building an African Biomedical Research Community using Drosophila

February 15, 2016 – February 16, 2016

Drosophila as a research model: potential in drug discovery
By Dr. I. Palacios (University of Cambridge, UK; DrosAfrica co-founder) and Prof. A. Adedeji (nstitute of Biomedical Research, KIU, Uganda; DrosAfrica trainee)

DrosAfrica: goals, achievements and way forward.
By Dr. M. Vicente-Crespo (Institute of Biomedical Research, KIU, Uganda; DrosAfrica co-founder)