Droso4Nigeria grant

Droso4Nigeria member and DrosAfrica collaborator Rashidatu Abdulazeez has recently obtained a Flybase grant of USD2,000. The grant aims to train students from Federal Colleges of Education (F.C.E) across Nigeria in utilizing Drosophila as an effective teaching and learning tool within the biology curriculum. The primary objective is to enhance the quality of education and promote gender equality, aligning with the Nigerian Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) targets.

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The training program will span three days and will be conducted for selected students from various F.C.E institutions (Teachers-in-training). During this period, participants will receive comprehensive instruction on the use of Drosophila in teaching biology, including practical applications and hands-on experience. The training intends to equip students with valuable skills and knowledge that will empower them to become effective biology educators in the nearest future.

Muna taya ki murna!